Meet the team

Neil Osmond

Neil Osmond


Neil Osmond is a serial entrepreneur and technologist. His nature to be frustrated with the status quo and with all things inefficient led him to reflect on his years running a technology company and consider “there must be a better way”. Frustrated with the lack of transparency and watching clients get ripped off time and time again, he decided to take the ambitious step of writing a book. The book was developed for non techies, in fact people like he was ten years previously who wanted to get an app, a website etc. built and brilliant using the fewest number of his own brain cells, least amount of time and with the best possible results. As a result the 42 steps were born and subsequently the lean levels workshops.

Charlie White

Charlie White


Charlie has been involved in technology projects for over a decade working on both the delivery side and the commissioner side. Having succeeded with many projects and failed with some, he sought out the reasons why the success of technology projects seemed unpredictable, arbitrary and random. He worked on this with Neil (who was once a technology supplier to him) and adopted the 42 Steps methodology finding the success rate of technology projects not only dramatically increased, but those that were deemed to fail were also predictable, and therefore avoidable. Charlie now trains the 42 Steps methodology to non-techies (and techies) promoting success, eliminating waste and ultimately saving people money.

Our Workshop Feedback

Average results.

1 The workshop at least met my expectations 86%

2 I will be able to apply the knowledge learned 92%

3 The training objectives for each topic were identified and followed 88%

4 The content was organised and easy to follow 90%

5 The materials distributed were pertinent and useful 94%

6 The trainer(s) were knowledgeable 96%

7 The quality of instruction was good 96%

8 Class participation and interaction were encouraged 96%

9 Adequate time was provided for questions and discussion 72%

10 I would recommend the workshop to a colleague 94%

We make non-technical people - as well as technical people - succeed at technology projects. We do this through Training and Consultancy. As experts in technology, we show you what is behind the 'wizards curtain' dispelling various myths about technology as we show you. We ultimately eliminate waste and save you time and money.

Our Challenge

To make everyone capable of delivering high quality technology projects! A high ambition you may think. Well we have distilled everything we believe you (not the techies and designers) need to do into easy to follow steps. We dare you to follow them and not see dramatically improved results.

“[Leonardo Da Vinci] combined art and science and aesthetics and engineering, that kind of unity is needed once again.”
Ben Shneiderman, Computer Scientist”.

It Delivers

These are not the work of some theorist or academic, the steps have been successfully used in lots of projects, in many sectors. In short they are proven and they work.

“I can’t believe we used to try and do what we do without the clarity, purpose and value the 42 steps brings to our clients and my team.”
Chris Finch, Managing Director of The Technology Studio

How we deliver

The short answer is ‘in whatever way suits you.’ Come on an open workshop, we can come a deliver a workshop in your company, we can tailor the workshop to a specific project or idea you have and we can even come in a run the process end to end. It is really up to you.

“The best advertising is done by satisfied customers.”
Philip Kotler, Marketing Author